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Speakers for the 2015 conference: Lecture schedule to be determined. Topics subject to change. Please check back.

Speaker: David Beamish Representing: DeFelsko Corp Lecture: Developments in Inspection Instrumentation and Paperless QA View Bio

Speaker: Dudley Primeaux Representing: Versaflex, Inc Lecture: Protecting Concrete with Polymers View Bio

Speaker: Dean Popish Representing: Renewal Compounds Lecture: Technological Advances in Coatings and Repair Composites Applied to Wet Surfaces View Bio

Speaker: Monica Chauviere Representing: Monicorr Lecture: Common Corrosion Under Insulation Misconceptions View Bio

Speaker: Phil Herzing Representing: Chlor*Rid International, Inc. Lecture: Maximize Protective Coating Life (and your budget!) By Eliminating Salt Contamination (or Why Your Fancy Paint Ain’t Stickin’ and What to Do About It!) View Bio

Speaker: Steve Green Representing: DeHumidification Technologies Lecture: Dehumidification and Mother Nature View Bio

Speaker: Kevin Irving Representing: AZZ Galvanizing Lecture: Galvanize Your Steel For Corrosion Protection View Bio

Speaker: Brad Dahlgren Representing: Sherwin Williams Lecture: 201 Paint & Coatings Technology View Bio

Speaker: Heather Stiner Representing: SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) Lecture: Development of Standards pertaining to Thermal Spray Materials View Bio

Speaker: Wayne Senick Representing: Temarust Technologies Lecture: CorrosionIsms: Unravelling the Mysteries of Steel Corrosion View Bio

Speaker: Kevin Hoheisel Representing: International Paint, LLC Lecture: Corrosion Under Fireproofing (CUF) Solutions
Speaker: Dean Hooks Representing: Thermion Lecture: Thermal Spray