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Speakers from the 2014 conference:
Speaker: Kevin Irving Representing: AZZ Galvanizing Lecture: Understanding the Attributes of Hot-Dip Galvanizing View Bio

Speaker: Eliot Phillips Representing: PPG Coatings Lecture: Designing Coating Systems - How To Ensure a Successful Coatings Project View Bio

Speaker: Monica Chauviere Representing: Monicorr, Inc. Lecture: Understanding Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) View Bio

Speaker: Warren Brand Representing: Chicago Coatings Group Lecture: The Economics of Corrosion View Bio

Speaker: Kevin Hoheisel Representing: International Paint LLC Lecture: Basic Corrosion Theory & The Environment & Corrosion View Bio

Speaker: Todd Gomez Representing: Versaflex Inc. Lecture: The Basics of Polyurea Technology View Bio

Speaker: Jim Dooley Representing: Corrpro Lecture: Fundamentals of Impressed Current and Sacrificial Cathodic Protection Systems View Bio

Speaker: Pete Kratzer Representing: Fibrwrap Lecture: Remediation of corrosion by use of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) View Bio

Speaker: Wayne Senick Representing: Termarust Lecture: Understanding Pack Rust and Crevice Corrosion View Bio

Speaker: Nick Leuci Representing: Chase Construction Products Lecture: Preparing for Coating Success View Bio

Speaker: Joe Bailey Representing: Carboline Lecture: Understanding the “Cold Wall Effect” View Bio

Speaker: Kevin Coburn Representing: Insituform Technologies Lecture: Technologies and Application of Cured-in-Place Piping Solutions (CIPP) View Bio

Speaker: Mo VandenBergh Representing: VandenBergh & Associates Lecture: Metallization: The Technology That Launched the Thermal Spray Industry View Bio

Speaker: Dean Popish Representing: Belzona Lecture: Calculating Overall Cost of Corrosion to Critical Assets View Bio